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How to keep faith in times like this

May 29, 2020

I actually recorded this podcast somewhat at the beginning of the global problem we're in right now.   Somehow it didn't post. However, I'm going to share it anyway but beware that it is a little bit out of order.


The message is clear: buck up, Christian woman. Now is the time to demonstrate the strength that you've cultivated in the years and months and days prior to this crisis.


 Do you want to know how to keep the faith? Listen to this podcast and you'll know.


Now is a crazy time.  How can we handle the hard emotions that surface when we are "still"?  I'll tell you how I'm dealing with it and how I'm dealing with emotions I THOUGHT I had dealt with years ago. 

Always hopeful. Always faith-filled. Always real. 

How I'm getting through all this: my e-store, watching my hair turn gray and my Bible!


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